What to do in Humahuaca & Uquía

Uquia and the "Quebrada de las Señoritas"

Church of Uquia in the Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina

Uquia is a typical roadside town located only 10 km south from Humahuaca over national route 9. It can be reached by car or with any of the services that goes from San Salvador de Jujuy to La Quiaca (frequency every 45 min.).

It is a small and picturesque town with an emerging tourist activity. Its church is called "San Francisco de Paula" (founded in 1691). Here you are going to find some ancient paintings of the cusquean (from Cusco, Perú) school, of 1560. The series is called Arquebusier Angels ("Angeles Arcabuseros or Angels with arms" in spanish).

Recommendation: There is an excellent restaurant called "De la Señorita". The owner ―called Olga― serves exquisite vegetarian dishes with vegetables (harvested in their own vegetable garden, minutes before serving them).

Its main attraction is the "Quebrada de las Señoritas", a striking cleft in the mountain with red, white and black colors. This site became well-known because here takes place a traditional festival called "Bajada de los diablitos", which is celebrated in times of carnival. It is a medium difficulty trekking of approx. 3 hs. long that ends in a red canyon of 300 mts. in which one can walk to it.

Recommendation: In front of the village, on the other side of the route, you can find the historic Jesuit Mill. Do not forget to visit the sundial that marks the passage of the Tropic of Capricorn. It is located a few km. to the north.

City of Humahuaca

Inca Monument in Humahuaca - Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina

It is located at the border of national route 9, 40 km north from Tilcara. Humahuaca is one of the towns that had developded very quickly in the last years. Its historical center, its low constructions and its beautiful cobblestone streets are in perfect state. The museums and the church have been very well preserved. It has an great hotel and gastronomic offering because it receives thousands of tourists every year. Other attractions are the monument to the Inca, its main square and a strange wooden doll, known as "the saint of 12 o´clock", which symbolizes San Francisco Solano, that goes out every single day of the year at 12 to give the blessing. In Humahuaca you are going to fin also the impressive monument to the Heroes of the argentinian Independence as well as the tower of Santa Barbara.

Cave Paintings in Sapagua (near Humahuaca) - Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina

From Humahuaca you can visit some places of historical, cultural and natural interest, such as the cave paintings of Sapagua, near to the rural community of Hornaditas, and other sites of great interest like Santa Ana, "Laguna de Leandro", the Hornocal mountain (see below), among others.

Recommendation: Visit the well-know viewpoint called "Peñas Blancas" only 1 km far from the village and have lunch at the restaurant "El Portijo". It is cheap and you can be sure you are going to eat very well. It has a very nice inned courtyard to eat quitely.

Hornocal Mountain Range

Hornocal is a mountainous chain that runs parallel to the Quebrada de Humahuaca. It can be accessed by car or with a shared or private taxi from Humahuaca. This is the famous Velley of the fourteen colors, an impressive geological formation with different colors and intensity in its tones.

The most recommended time of the day to visit this natural attraction is during the afternoon because the sun reflects on the western slope of the mountain chain. To appreciate this natural wonder it is necessary to go to any of the two viewpoints of the Hornocal. It is important to note that if you want to go down to the second point it is necessary to have a 4x4.

Recommendation: Near the bridge in Humahuaca you can take a 4x4 drive by a local guides of the indigenous community of Aparzo. The cost of the tour is AR$100 per person, round trip (Last Update: October 2016). It is necessary to be at leat 4 or pay the free places. If you want to confirm the departure time you can call Antonio 0388 155 144302. It our duty to inform you that these vehicles are not authorized to transport passengers.

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