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We know that it is not easy to get a taxi in Tilcara, as well as in some other towns of the Quebrada de Humahuaca. Our own experience have teach us that we need to know the taxi driver to trust him. It is very common that they assume the compromise to fetch you and then they do not respect their word. That´s why we have decided to make a list with name and contact number of those people that we believe that can be trusted. We do not assume responsibility for them. We only provide a mere list of possible contacts.

Taxis in Tilcara

  • David: (388) 154-126-440
  • Jose Cordobéz: (388) 155-007-685
  • Sergio: (388) 154-762-916
  • Omar: (388) 154-735-005
  • Ariel: (388) 155-256-038
  • Américo: (388) 154-320-925
  • Marciano Amador: (388) 154-850-048

Taxis to San Salvador de Jujuy and other special trips

  • Virginia: (388) 155-092-722
  • David: (388) 154-126-440
  • Jose Cordobéz: (388) 155-007-685

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