Peregrinación a Sixilera desde Tilcara

Pilgrimage to the Virgin of Sixilera

To understand the pilgrimage to the Virgin of Sixilera we have to know the history. Legend has it that the watersheds of the rivers that irrigated the orchards of the inhabitants of the Quebrada had begun to dry up. Fearing that these droughts would deplete food production, and in the face of sixile-Sikuris despair in the face of this situation, locals, Catholics, gathered together and went out with the image of the virgin to cross the slopes of the mountain tops and valleys of the This brittle. After several days of walking and having already traveled all the slopes, slowly, but uninterruptedly the precious water flowed from the earth. Since then, a place was chosen to build a sanctuary for the Virgin of Sixilera and every year, on September 21, she goes up to thank her for her action.

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