Landscapes and colors of the Quebrada de Humahuaca

Poetic Ravin

To walk dreaming of stars and love and poetry in La Quebrada ...

Do we divide the sky?
Look, from Cerro Negro to Rio Grande it is mine.
Everything about you is yours.
You think? do you agree?
Or do you prefer that we divide it from south to north?
For example: from where you can see the Perchel Narrow
towards Huancar de Abra Pampa is yours,
Leave me all the blue sky from the Painter's Palette
up to 7 colors of Purmamarca.
Or, if you want, we can divide it according to the passing of the hours ...
the night with its moon and its tablecloth of stars for me ..
We owe you all the sun and the deep blue of the afternoon.
For me it is the sunset over Cerro Cono.
For you, the dawn coloring Huichaira ...
If you want, as we divide the river:
Rio Grande, to the south, as far away, Going to the horizon,
all yours ... Huasamayo, calm river, forgotten but eternal, all mine ...

Let's divide the Gorge into two halves.
The one that is closer, more silence, more distance ... for me.
The one that goes away towards the immense solitude of the Puna I give it to you.

From the thousand colors of Hornocal,
to the eternal silence of Aparzo
or to the oblivion of centenary cards,
on the arid burning of summers
Let us divide all the waters,
which from Yacoraite as threads flow forth
or in the unsurpassed depth of the throat,
the one they call the Devil's
let's separate our pride from the beloved ...

... I don't know what it will be about who we are,
I can't even venture any desire.
Let's divide what you want but together,
That in the end everything lived,
it will be under the same sky

from Facundo Quiroga